Privacy & Cookies Policy (the 'Policy')

Last Updated: August 2020

Previous version: 18 November 2019

You can control online behavioural advertising cookies on this website via your Cookie Settings. Further details on this can be found under Cookies and other identifiers in Section 12 below.

1. What is this Policy for?

This Policy explains how we protect and handle any personal information you provide to us, including via our websites, our apps, our social media pages/accounts, email, telephone and in person. It also covers any personal information we receive from third parties and provides you with an overview of your rights.

By using our products and services, including browsing our websites, or signing up for marketing, you agree that we may use your personal information as outlined in this Policy. There may be occasions when we share responsibility for the processing and protection of your personal data in connection with your use of our products and services as joint controllers with our partners (please see section 2 Who we are) for additional information. In such instances our partners will process your personal data in accordance with their privacy notices.

2. Who we are

MailMedia Inc. is the controller of your personal data for the purposes of data protection law. MailMedia Inc. will share your personal data with Associated Newspapers Ltd., the processor of your personal data for the purposes of data protection law.

3. What kinds of information do we collect

We collect the following information:

Information you have provided to us

We collect information such as your name, telephone number, address, and email address when you sign up for our marketing communications.

This information may be collected via an online web form, a data capture form, an app, by email, by telephone, or by post.

When you visit our website or app, we shall create a unique identifier (“UID”) that allows us to recognise you when you use our website or apps, including if you log in from a different device or platform.

Information from your device

We collect information from and about the device you are using when you interact with one of our websites, apps or other products/services, including adverts.

This may include:

Device Type: Information about your operating system, hardware, software, browser type in order to tailor the experience to your device (e.g. screen resolution).

Device Operations: Information about your operations and behaviours performed on your device to tailor the experience based on how you or similar users have interacted with our content.

Unique Identifiers: Device IDs and Advertiser IDs in order to save your preferences against an identifier to refer to on subsequent pages and to display advertising.

Device Settings: Information from your device's setting (such as access to your GPS location or other information related to the location of your device) so that we know which version of the website to serve you.

Network/Connections: Your IP address, so that we can recognise if you have visited us before, allow your device to communicate with our websites and apps, and determine your geographical location.

Cookies: Data from cookies or similar technologies placed on your device which tells us about your use of our websites and/or selected third party websites. Some cookies are also placed by third parties. Please see Section 12 on Cookies and other identifiers below for more information about our use of cookies and other similar technologies.

Information from partners

We may overlay demographic and lifestyle data from CACI to help us understand what you might be interested in for insight and marketing purposes (also known as 'profiling'). CACI data are built using a variety of sources, including publicly available data (such as the electoral register and UK Census records) or from surveys and polls where you have given permission for your data to be shared. For more information on these partners and how you can opt-out of having your data shared with us from these sources for profiling purposes, please see the section entitled "Marketing Personalisation" in Section 4 below.

Social media

If you log-in to our websites through a social media site, such as Facebook, Twitter or Google, you are granting permission to such company to share your user information with us. This will include your name and email address plus any other information you have permitted them to share with third parties. If you remove our website from your Facebook, Twitter or Google account, we shall no longer have access to this information.

We use plugins from social media networks and other platforms on our websites, that may allow you to share content with these networks/platforms or use their services on our websites. For more information, please see Section 3 of this Policy.

Browser pop-up notifications

When you consent to receiving pop-up browser notifications from one of our websites, we collect the following information:

4. Legal Bases for processing your data

Contract: We process some of your data as a necessary part of performing our contractual obligations to you.

Consent: Some processing activities will only be done where we have sought your prior consent. If we require your consent, we shall provide you with full details of the information that we would like and the reason we need it. Once given, you have the right to withdraw your consent again at any point and we shall be obliged to stop processing your data and delete it unless we can demonstrate that another legal basis applies.

Legal Obligation: There may be situations where we need to use your information to comply with legal and regulatory obligations or defend claims. This includes publishing information about competition winners.

Legitimate Interest: We process some of your data because it is in our legitimate interests to do so. Where this is the case, we have considered the impact that using your information may have on you and limited our use to only what is strictly necessary. Where we are using this as our basis, we can provide you with an explanation of why the processing is in our interests and you are free to contest this decision if you wish.

Examples of our legitimate interests processing activities include:

5. How we may use your information


We use personal information for journalistic activities to support a free press and to support individual and societal rights to receive information.

Legal basis for these processing activities: Legitimate Interest

Delivering services

By using our websites, apps and other products and services, we may process your information, including your name, phone number and email address, for the purpose of providing you with such products and services and managing our relationship with you, which shall include (without limitation):

Legal basis for these processing activities: Consent, Legitimate Interest, Contract

Legal basis for this processing activity: Contract/Legal Obligation

We may also record phone calls or customer enquiries via online chat for quality, training and management purposes.

Legal basis for this processing activity: Legitimate Interest/Contract

Direct marketing and browser push notifications

In accordance with your preferences and data protection legislation, we may use your information, including your name, email address, and phone number, to send you direct marketing communications and to carry out marketing analysis.

This may include communications by email, post, telephone, SMS or app notifications about our products and services, events and special offers. This also includes browser push notifications where you have consented to receiving these. We may also send you periodic newsletters to inform you about the any changes to our products and services where we have permission to do so.

In relation to email marketing communications, we may send you such communications when we have your consent, or when you are an existing customer who has previously bought or subscribed to a similar product or service from us. You may opt out of email marketing communications when your personal information is first collected. You may also unsubscribe from receiving email marketing at any time by clicking the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of each email. If you unsubscribe from email marketing, we shall keep your email address to ensure that we do not send you any marketing in future.

Legal basis for processing this data: Consent / Legitimate Interest

Personalisation / identifying your interests / audience segmentation / ecommerce activities

We use your information, including your UID, to provide you with a greater personalised experience when you visit or use one of our sites or apps, and for insight and marketing purposes.

We make assumptions and draw inferences about your interests based on the kind of articles and content you click on or read.

We may also use demographic information (such as your age, gender and city) to tailor the advertising we arrange to be shown.

We use this information to segment our audiences into groups with attributes. This helps us show you more relevant content/adverts and helps are advertisers target more effectively.

Please note you have the right to object to profiling for marketing purposes at any time. If you wish to opt-out of having your personal information profiled for personalisation purposes, you can adjust your account settings or contact us directly. Please see section 8 (Your rights under the General Data Protection Regulation) for additional information.

Legal basis for this processing activity: Consent / Legitimate Interest

Cookie Matching / UID Matching

Where you have given consent, we check to see if you have a cookie ID or UID when you visit one of our properties. We are then able to compare the cookie ID or UID we have to see if we know who you are. See Section 12 on Cookies for more information.

Legal basis for this processing activity: Consent

Data matching and lookalike audience building

We allow partners to reach audiences on our platforms via data matching where they have appropriate permissions. We use your UID to carry out such data matching. This is conducted at an aggregate level or an individual level, depending on how targeted our partners want to reach audiences on our platforms. The data overlap between our audiences and the client is useful to understand if an advertising campaign would be effective.

As part of the matching process, we segment audiences based on predefined attributes. These audiences may be similar to our partners' existing audiences and are therefore called "lookalike audiences". For example, a female fashion brand may want to reach "women interested in fashion". This helps them find the right audiences and we are able to show you more relevant advertising.

Legal basis for this processing activity: Consent / Legitimate Interest

Tailored advertising

We use advertising to fund some of our websites and apps. Some advertising is 'contextual' meaning it is shown due to the particular webpage you are presently viewing. Other advertising, known as "online behavioural advertising" is shown to you based upon your likely interests, which are inferred from your browsing history. This information is collected through the use of cookies and similar technologies or your UID. For more information on controlling your tailored advertising preferences, please see Section 12 on Cookies below.

Sometimes we allow advertisers to show advertisements directly on our website and apps, which are tailored to you based upon information they have obtained, such as your browsing history on their own websites.

Other times we shall arrange for our customers to be shown advertisements on our own or other websites or apps. These advertisements are tailored to you with information we have obtained from your browsing on our websites and apps via cookies.

Where we arrange for our customers to be shown advertisements, we use technological and contractual mechanisms to protect your cookie data and to ensure that your browsing data used for advertising is not used by advertisers or other website owners for other purposes, such as linking online behavioural advertising data with your contact details, unless you have provided the advertiser or other website with your express permission to do this.

When you are shown an advertisement, our advertising systems do not know who you are or your contact details (such as your name, email address or postal address).

Demographic information from your registration on our websites and apps (such as your age, gender and city) may also be used, in connection with our legitimate interests to tailor the advertising we arrange to be shown. Your demographic information is not shared with advertisers.

We may also target advertising on social media sites to specifically include customers who have registered for our products and services.

Legal basis for this processing activity: Consent, Legitimate Interests

Location based services and advertising

Where we provide services that utilise your device's location, such as local weather or news, your location will be determined either from a lookup of your IP address in a "GeoIP" database which lists information provided by your ISP (usually your closest town or borough).

Sometimes we can collect the precise location directly from the device (such as through GPS or Wi-Fi on mobile devices) but only where you have granted permission for us to access this location information via your device settings. We use such information to provide you with a more tailored, relevant experiences when using our websites/apps.

Where you have granted permission to access your device's location and consented to us to use your data for advertising purposes, this location information may be used to tailor the advertising you receive, including showing you certain advertisements when you are in the vicinity of a particular location.

Legal basis for this processing activity: Consent

Measurement and analytics

We may use certain information (such as the websites that you visit and advertisements you see or click on) to help us, advertisers and other promotional partners measure the effectiveness and distributions of their advertisements and promotions.

Legal basis for this processing activity: Legitimate Interests / Consent

Ad blocker detection

We collect information from your device to detect whether you’re using an ad blocker. This is to determine if we are able to show you advertising. As an advertising funded publisher, we rely on the ability to show you advertising.

Legal basis for this processing activity: Legitimate Interests

Surveys and market research

We collect information via online survey units (Pulse Poll) and via our online research community of our readers (Matters Community) to help us better understand our readers and how they engage with the advertising they are shown. We collect this information when you voluntarily contribute or we invite you to contribute to any of our surveys, polls or forum discussions on our websites or online research community, for example when we ask you questions about your behaviour or response to adverts seen. How we use data relating to our online survey units is covered by this privacy policy. For more information about how we use data relating to our online research community, please see our separate Matters Community Privacy Policy.

Legal basis for this processing activity: Consent / Legitimate Interest

Improving our services and products

We may use your information to monitor and improve our products, content and services. This may include (without limitation):

If you have registered on our websites or apps, we may analyse the information we hold on you in aggregate with our other customers to improve our advertising systems.

Legal basis for this processing activity: Legitimate Interest

Disclosures permitted or required by law

Your data will be disclosed where we are obliged to do so by law. We may also disclose your information in order to protect or enforce our rights or the rights of others and for the prevention and detection of crime.

Legal basis for these processing activities: Legitimate Interest / Legal obligation

Regulatory compliance

We may share your personal data with the Audit Bureau of Circulations Ltd so they can verify aggregated statistics about circulation and usage of our products or review our policies, processes and procedures for compliance with relevant standards. You can view their privacy policy by following this link.

Legal basis for processing this data: Legitimate Interest

6. How we may share your information

Sharing with third-party partners

Partners: When you use our services, we partner with specialist companies to provide certain customer services.

We usually remain the data controller of your information and the other companies only process data under our instructions and cannot use the information for their own purposes. If one of our third-party partners acts as data controller of your personal data (whether or not as a data controller in common with us) we shall let you know before you register for the service.

Legal basis for processing this data: Contract

Service Providers: We may pass your information to our processors – companies that we use to provide services on our behalf, for example for delivery services. These processors can only use your information in accordance with our instructions and for no other purpose.

Legal basis for processing this data: Contract, Consent, Legitimate Interest

Promotions: Sometimes we bring you promotions in association with other companies. If you enter such promotions, the other company will use the information you submit and we provide to them as a data controller in line with their own privacy policies. We shall let you know the precise arrangement at the time you provide your personal information.

Legal basis for processing this data: Consent, Legitimate Interest

Functionality: We may share information about you with suppliers that we engage to help us provide our services and/or functionality of our websites and apps. For example, we share data with Google to prevent certain website functions from being abused. Where this happens your data will be processed in accordance with Google's Privacy Policy.

Legal basis for processing this data: Consent, Contract, Legitimate Interests

Advertisers: We may provide third party advertisers with reports containing aggregate statistical data about our websites' and apps' audience to determine the reach of their target audience. This aggregated information may include demographic data such as age range and/or geographic location of groups of our customers.

This aggregated data does not include contact details (such as names, addresses or email addresses) that can be used to personally identify you or contact you.

Legal basis for processing this data: Consent

Online Behavioural Advertising partners: Third parties collect and use information obtained during your browsing activities in order to deliver tailored advertisements to you. These parties listed in our Cookies Settings tool where we provide you with their details and the ability to opt out of their use. We have no control over the use of your information by these third parties once it has been collected from our sites.

We also use third-party partners to help us understand how you use our websites and apps in order to delivered tailored content to you. We shall provide them with your UID, based on a hashed version of your email address so that they can do this. For more information on these partners and their services, and to withdraw your consent for their cookies or to otherwise opt out of their services directly, please visit them at LiveRamp.

Legal basis for processing this data: Consent, Legitimate Interests

Marketing personalisation: We may match your data with data held by CACI, to add extra lifestyle and demographic insight information to your account with us which we then use to make our marketing more relevant to you (subject to your communication preferences and our internal policies and procedures). We can only obtain this information where they have your permission to share this information with us in line with their privacy policies. You can opt-out of having your personal information profiled in this way by contacting us, or our joint controllers, or adjusting your account settings. For more information about these activities and the data provided, and to opt out of their programmes directly, please visit them at CACI.

Legal basis for processing this data: Consent, Legitimate Interest

Social media plugins: Some of our websites use social media plugins to help you share content more easily with your friends.

Social Media Plugin Privacy Policy
Facebook Share Button
Facebook Messenger Share Button
Facebook Like Button
Twitter Share Button
Twitter Follow Button
Pinterest Share Button
Pinterest Follow Button
Flipboard Share Button
Flipboard Follow Button
Instagram Follow Button
Snapchat Follow Button

If you do not click on the respective buttons, no personal data will be collected and stored by the social media company.

If you are logged onto to your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Flipboard, Instagram or Snapchat account, certain user data (including your IP address at the time) may be collected and linked to your social media account information by the respective social media company.

We receive no personal data from the social media companies about which articles you have clicked or seen on our websites. However, we do receive summarised, aggregated statistical reports on the use of these plugins.

Legal basis for processing this data: Legitimate Interest

DMGT Group: Mail Media Inc. and Associated Newspapers Ltd. are part of the Daily Mail and General Trust plc Group ("DMGT"). Members of DMGT may, use and share, within that group, the information you provide and other information held about you for the purposes set out in this Policy. For more information about the DMGT group please see the DMGT website and the DMGT Privacy Policy.

Legal basis for processing this data: Legitimate Interest

Change of Control: We may transfer, sell or assign any of the information described in this Policy to third parties as a result of a sale, merger, consolidation, change of control, transfer of assets or reorganisation of our business.

Legal basis for processing this data: Legitimate Interest

7. Details of transfers to third countries and safeguards

Any organisation who has access to your information in the course of providing services on our behalf will be governed by contractual restrictions and/or technical limitations to make sure they protect your information and comply with applicable data protection legislation.

Where these organisations are based outside of the European Economic Area (EEA) in a jurisdiction that has not been deemed adequate by the EU Commission, we shall if appropriate enter into EU Commission approved model clauses with these organisations to ensure appropriate safeguards are in place.

8. Your rights under the General Data Protection Regulation

In certain circumstances, for example if you are a UK or EEA resident, you may exercise the rights available to you (with some exceptions and restrictions) under data protection laws as follows:

Exercising Your Rights

To exercise your rights under the GDPR, please contact us, or our joint controllers, at the contact details provided below in Section 15, indicating the type of right you would like to exercise and that you are making the request under the GDPR. In case of requests for deletion, please note there may be circumstances where we are legally entitled to retain certain data (see Section 10 on Data and Account Deletion).

Alternatively, you can make your request through the technical support option on our Contact Us page.

We may seek to verify the identity of the person submitting the request.

Where you are making a request via a third party, we need to be satisfied that the third party making the request is entitled to act on your behalf and may ask the third party to provide evidence of this entitlement. If we are satisfied that the third party has the appropriate authority, we will respond directly to that third party.

9. Your rights under the Californian Consumer Privacy Act (for California residents only)

This section of the Policy applies solely to visitors, users, and others who are residents of the State of California, describes your California Consumer Privacy Act ("CCPA") rights and explains how you can exercise those rights.

Under the CCPA you have the right to:

This information is provided in this Policy.

Upon receipt of a valid and verifiable request from you, we shall disclose to you both the categories and specific pieces of personal information we have collected about you, the categories of sources from which the personal information is collected, the business or commercial purpose for collecting that personal information, the categories of third parties which whom we share that information.

You have a right to receive the above twice per year. If we provide the information electronically, it will be in a in a portable and, to the extent technically feasible, readily useable format that allows you to transmit the information to another entity without hindrance from us.

You can opt-out of the sale of your personal information by opening our California Privacy Settings tool and clicking on the "Do Not Sell My Info" button at any time. This will opt-you out of cookie placement and the collection of your data by online advertising service providers.

Exercising Your Rights

To exercise your rights under the CCPA, please contact us, or our joint controllers, at the contact details provided below in Section 15, indicating the type of right you would like to exercise and that you are making the request under the CCPA. In case of requests for deletion, please note there may be circumstances where we are legally entitled to retain certain data (see Section 10 on Data Deletion).

Alternatively, you can make your request through the technical support option on our Contact Us page.

In order to process your deletion and/or access request, we are required by law to collect certain information about you to verify your identity. For example, if you have an account with us, you can use your account information to verify. If, however, we cannot verify your identity from the information already maintained by us, we may request additional information from you, which shall only be used for the purposes of verifying your identity under the CCPA, and for security or fraud-prevention purposes.

A consumer may use an authorised agent to submit a request on their behalf if the consumer provides the authorised agent written permission signed by the consumer. We may also require that the consumer verify their identity directly with us and confirm that they have provided the authorised agent permission to act on their behalf.

We shall not discriminate against you because you have exercised your rights under the CCPA.

Explicit Notice

We and our advertising partners collect personal information (such as the cookies stored on your browser, the advertising identifier on your mobile device, or the IP address of your device) when you visit our site or use our app. We, and our third-party business partners, use this information to tailor and deliver ads to you on our site or app, or to help tailor ads to you when you visit others' sites or use others' apps. To tailor ads that may be more relevant to you, we and/or our partners may share the information we collect with third parties.

If you do not wish for us or our partners to use and disclose your personal information to third parties in this manner, which is considered a "sale" under the CCPA select the applicable control from the "Do Not Sell My Info" link provided.

Please note that although we shall not sell your personal information after you click that button, we shall continue to share some personal information with our partners (who will function as our service providers in such instance) to help us perform advertising-related business functions such as, but not limited to:

If you access this site or app from other devices or browsers, visit the link below from those devices or browsers to ensure your choice applies to the data collected when you use those devices or browsers. If you use different browsers, devices or platforms, you will need to opt out on each browser, device or platform.

Additionally, although clicking the “Do Not Sell My Info” link will opt you out of the sale of your personal information for advertising purposes, it will not opt you out of the use of previously collected and sold personal information (except for personal information sold within 90 days prior to your exercising your right to opt out) or all interest-based advertising.

If you would like more information about how to opt out of interest-based advertising in desktop and mobile browsers on a particular device, please follow the links here and here.

You may download the AppChoices app here to opt out in connection with mobile apps, or use the platform controls on your mobile device to opt out.

Alternatively, you can make your request through the technical support option on our Contact Us page.

10. Data retention deletion

We store your data for no longer than necessary in relation to the purpose under which such data was collected. This is determined on a case by case basis and depends on things such as the nature of the data provided, why it was collected, the legal basis we rely upon to process the data, and our relevant legal or operation retention requirements. For example, if you request to delete your data, we still have to retain some data for fraud prevention purposes and financial auditing.

Please note that we evaluate deletion requests against our processing for the purposes of journalism.

Please see our Terms for more information.

11. Children and young people

Our websites, apps and other products and services are not aimed at children. We do not intentionally target, or otherwise process information from individuals who are under the age of 16.

We do not create interest segments specifically designed for the purpose of online behavioural advertising to children who are under the age of 16.

You must be at least 16 years of age to consent to online behavioural advertising via your Privacy Settings. If you are aged under 16, please ask for permission from your parent or guardian before giving us your information or using our websites or apps.

If you are a parent or guardian of a child under 16, please contact us, or our joint controllers, if you are aware that your child has used our websites or apps or otherwise provided their information to us without your consent. We shall delete or otherwise cease processing your child's personal information within a reasonable time.

In accordance with industry best practice guidelines, we may retain your information for a reasonable amount of time to make sure that we do not contact you in the future

12. Cookies and other identifiers

When you use our websites and apps, we may collect information using cookies or similar technologies. We may also collect information using your email address. For the purposes of this section, we use the word "cookies" for simplicity.

What are cookies and how do they work?

Cookies are small files that are downloaded to your computer or mobile device when you visit a website. Your browser sends these cookies back to the website every time you visit the site again, so it can recognise you. This allows websites to tailor what you see on the screen.

Do you use other technologies which are similar to cookies?

Yes, we use the following:

We use these similar technologies on websites, emails and apps, for the same purposes and in much the same way as we use cookies on websites. We shall use 'cookies' and 'websites' below as shorthand for 'cookies and similar technologies' on 'websites, emails and in apps'.

What do you use cookies for?

Cookies and other online tracking technologies are an important part of the internet. They make using websites much smoother and affect lots of the useful features of websites.

There are many different uses for cookies, but for within our sites, they fall into the following groups:

Cookies that are needed to provide the service you have asked for (Essential / Strictly Necessary)

Some cookies are essential so you can move around our websites and use their features. Without the use of these cookies parts of our websites would not function.

Cookies that collect information about your choices and preferences (Functional / Preference)

These cookies collect information about your choices and preferences, and allow us to remember things like:

Cookies used to understand how people use our products and services (Analytics)

We use analytics cookies to gather information about what pages, links and sections of our apps are popular and which ones do not get used so much to help us keep our sites relevant and up to date. They are also useful to be able to identify trends of how people navigate our sites so we can identify improvements to make to the customer journey.

We may combine information collected by analytics cookies with other information that you provide to us. For instance, if you have registered for an account with us, we may combine your contact details other information you provide us with the browsing history from your device collected by analytics cookies (including data collected from before you registered and when you are signed-out).

We may also use this combined information to improve our products and services. For instance, we may analyse this information in aggregate to improve our advertising systems.

Our properties may also feature Nielsen proprietary measurement software, which will allow you to contribute to market research, such as Nielsen TV Ratings. To learn more about the information that Nielsen software may collect and your choices with regard to it, please see the Nielsen Digital Measurement Privacy Policy.

Cookies used to show advertising that is relevant to you (Tracking and Advertising)

Some advertising, known as 'online behavioural advertising' is tailored to you and uses information collected by first party and third party cookies based on your web browsing activity.

Cookies are placed on your browser to remember the websites you have visited. Also, when you log into your account, we can recognise your UID. Advertising based on what you have been looking at is then displayed to you when you visit websites who use the same advertising networks.

To help us deliver relevant advertising using cookies, we use Google Marketing Platform. Click here to find out more about Google Marketing Platform.

We also use these cookies in order to:

Ad-blockers: We and our advertisers may use information from within our webpages to determine whether you have an ad-blocker enabled. This information may be stored or associated with your device (including through the use of cookies) to re-insert advertisements on our websites and to understand how our customers use ad-blockers. The advertisements that are re-inserted may include those from ad-blockers' "white lists" or that promote our own products and services. We reserve the right to restrict your access to some or all of our website while you have an ad blocker turned on.

Do Not Track: Our websites do not respond to 'Do Not Track' (DNT) browser settings.

Managing Cookies: You can change your cookie settings on this website at any time via your Cookie Settings. Please note that this consent tool is not supported on certain versions of Internet Explorer. Please change your browser in order to exercise your rights under the GDPR.

Cookies can also be controlled using the following instructions:

Please note that our website, apps and other products and services may not work correctly (or at all) if you change certain preferences. For example, you may not be able to purchase products via our websites. However, you may still be able to place an order via our telephone order line.

Where you use our apps, similar technologies to cookies are used for analytics. It is not presently possible to opt-out of these similar technologies. If you are not happy to be included in our analysis, please do not use our apps.

Please also note that after applying these settings, you will continue to receive advertising, however, it may not be tailored to your likely interests using information collected from cookies and similar technologies on your device.

13. Updates to this Policy

We reserve the right to make changes to this Policy. Where changes are made, we shall post the revised Policy here with an updated effective date. Please check regularly for any changes to this Policy.

14. How to contact us

If you have any queries or comments about this Policy or wish to exercise any of your rights under the GDPR or the CCPA, please contact us by email at:

Alternatively, you can write to us at:

Attention: Privacy
Mail Media Inc.
51 Astor Place, 9th Floor
New York,
NY 10003